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Nada é original

por Francisco Mendes da Silva, em 15.05.08

Monty Python's dead parrot did exist

The fictional Norwegian Blue parrot - famed as the star of Monty Python’s iconic dead parrot comedy sketch - appears to have once really existed.

A fossil expert has established for the first time that parrots lived in Scandinavia about 55 million years ago when the area was covered in tropical forest.

Dr David Waterhouse of Norwich, Norfolk, found that a fossilised wing recovered from a mine in Denmark came from a bird which belonged to the parrot family.

He said: “I specialise in bird fossils and am also a Python fan, so I have lived with jokes about dead parrots for years. Obviously we were dealing with a bird that is bereft of life, but the tricky bit was establishing it was a parrot.”


Michael Palin was amused when told about the discovery, saying: “All I can say is that it just shows that nothing is original.”

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De Nuno Resende a 15.05.2008 às 16:41

Mas ele existia mesmo? Assim, morto? Mortinho?
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De Nuno Miguel Guedes a 15.05.2008 às 16:52

«Gone to meet the choir of the invisible». Excelente, irei ligá-lo ao meu blogue. Abraços.

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