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por Paulo Pinto Mascarenhas, em 25.02.10

Stop Execution of Nemat Safavi in Iran


Category: Human Rights

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Nemat Safavi, now 19 years old, a juvenile from the province of Ardebil, was arrested in June 2006 as a juvenile at the age of 16 and charged with alleged “homosexuality”.

The Undersigned respectfully request the parties to take the following aciton:

- Immediately stop the execution of Nemat Safavi, Ghasem Bashkool, Loghman Hamzepoor, Hamzeh Chavosh, Mohsen Ghebraee, Hamid Taghi, Mehdi Pooran, and Mohammad Rezaee who are all charged with death sentences without any regard international human rights laws ratified by Iran.



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Signatures: 3152


Source: Roya Irani