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"Série Literatura Geral IV"

por Francisco Mendes da Silva, em 27.08.10

Mais estes dois:



The Magnetic Fields, The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure.


(a linguística também conta?)



Dexy's Midnight Runners, Burn it Down.


Um festim irlandês:


I'll only ask you once more
It must be so hard to see.
This man is waiting for someone to hold him down
He doesn't quite fully understand the meaning.

Never heard about, won't think about
Oscar Wilde and Brendan Behan,
Sean O'Casey, George Bernard Shaw.
Samuel Beckett, Eugene O'Neill, Edna O'Brien and Laurence Sterne.
Sean Kavanaugh and Sean McCann,
Benedict Keilly, Jimmy Hiney
Frank O'Connor and Catherine Rhine.

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