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Paul Weller gobs on The Police



The Modfather spits on Sting

Paul Weller spat on a portrait of Sting on Wednesday (March 28) at the Teenage Cancer Trust gig.

As previously reported Weller joined Noel Gallagher at the charity event for a version of The Jam's 'The Butterfly Collector' and The Beatles' 'All You Need Is Love'.

According to The Mirror, during the interval of the event at London's Royal Albert Hall Weller saw a picture of Sting's gig from 2000 and decided to deliver his own style of music criticism.

According to the report, Weller "marched straight up to it [the photo], coughed-up as much phlegm as he could muster and planted it plum in the middle of The Police frontman's head... as he walked away, Weller then snarled: 'Fucking twat!'".

Weller has never shy of expressing his opinions of Sting, recently stating: "He's a fucking horrible man. Not my cup of tea at all. Fucking rubbish. No edge, no attitude, no nothing."

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De Anónimo a 01.04.2007 às 06:10

"Fucking rubbish. No edge, no attitude, no nothing."
Sobre o Sting, e disse alguma mentira?

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