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eu que não sou de intrigas III

por Rodrigo Moita de Deus, em 06.12.13

O que faz mesmo falta ao país é outra "plataforma" de "debate" e "reflexão".

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De bom moita mal nã faze nã funcionanenhuma a 06.12.2013 às 20:22

a relexão é toda obra de dio...e da mão

There in Herculaneum, at year-end, we will witness the demise of Doe Run, this nation's last primary lead smelter and in operation since 1892 — thanks, once again, to the goalpost-moving United Snakes Environmental Protection Agency and its lackeys in the green movement.

When we started paying attention to the mining industry some 40 years ago, 20 primary lead smelters operated in the U.S. By the time of the closure of the Bunker Hill smelter in Kellogg, Idaho, at the end of 1981 we were down to six.

And now there will be none. (Copper is in nearly as dire straits, with only three primary copper smelters left in the U.S., and for the same “greenie” reasons.)

What happened was, the EPA, prodded by a St. Louis-based environmental pressure group, decided in 2008 that its existing maximum for lead present in the air should be dropped 10-fold, from 1.5 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air to 0.15 micrograms of lead in a cubic meter of air.

It was the 1.5 microgram standard, adopted in 1978 and a 10-fold ratcheting-down of the previous 15-microgram standard, that forced the Bunker Hill smelter to shut down. Given a downturn in commodity prices, Bunker Hill's Houston, Texas owners decided it wasn't worth it to try to comply with the then-new rule.

And now the U.S. EPA is enforcing an ambient lead-in-air standard 10 times more stringent than the one that killed Bunker Hill.

Get out your slide rule: A microgram is one-millionth of a gram. A cubic meter of air weighs about 1,300 grams, or 1.3 billion micrograms. So, the old lead-air standard of 1.5 micrograms works out to 1.95 parts per billion, a level deemed “unacceptable” by Obama-appointed EPA chief enforcer Cynthia Giles
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De Manel Caçoilo a 06.12.2013 às 22:49

Olhamêste, todo contente, a escreber em estrangeiro técnico, carago! Lá na terrinha debe ser o máior, catano! Calker dia debe já star no guberno.
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De MonárquicosVãoLevarNoCú a 06.12.2013 às 23:17

LOL! :) E nada sobre a morte do Nelson Mandela!

Qual é a diferença entre o PNR e este blog? É que o PNR, pelo menos, assume-se como uma organização racista!
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De adolfo dias a 08.12.2013 às 04:06

No olho, tá?

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