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Our man in Teerão

por E, em 12.12.06
"... Holokauston, or what is totally burn (from "holos" and "kaustos"), originally meant a offering to the pagan gods. "Holocaust" and "Barbarianism" come together. "Barbarian" is not used here as an updated Hellenic notion of "strangers to our civilisation", but as actors of inhumanity, in a grand scale. The first image that pops into our mind is Ernst Jüngers Head Forester (Öberfoster), in "On the Marble Cliffs", published in 1939, as a dreamlike/nightmarish prelude to the European storm of fire (2). The Forester is a sort of slaughterhouse manager, leading a warlike tribe to destroy next door’s ancient, enlightened, civilisation... "

"...This is important. Europe had a Jewish population that was wiped out, and there was a systematic intent to do so. Meticulous planning and meticulous action provoked a bigger than life (and bigger than death) tragedy, that still has wounds open, as all can see in the sinister remnants of the past, be it in Auschwitz or Bergen Belsen, in Dachau or Treblinka...."

Notável intervenção de Nuno Rogeiro, numa conferência em Teerão, a condenar o negacionismo do Holocausto. Lá, nas barbas de Ahmadinejad, onde é mais difícil fazê-lo.

O texto integral, que aconselho vivamente, pode ler-se aqui.