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Diferenças parlamentares

por José Maria Barcia, em 30.03.15

A Câmara dos Comuns do Reino Unido é o melhor parlamento europeu. Desde debates com humor inglês, troca de bocas que não resvalam no insulto básico e falta de computadores para todos os deputados, é um prazer assisir aos debates.


A BBC fez um apanhado dos últimos cinco anos no Parlamento e o nível está à vista:



Entretanto, na Assembleia da Republica portuguesa, ministros fazem cornos:



José Eduardo Martins (PSD) manda um colega do PS para o caralho e ameaça outro de "vamos lá fora resolver isso":



E certos assessores têm fetiches com o hemiciclo.

(não há foto, mas video há. é coisa para o pedir)




lavagem de mãos e outras medidas profiláticas

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De José José a 30.03.2015 às 23:29

E as intervenções de quem não sabe expor uma merda de um pensamento sem ser aos gritos histéricos...
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Moralists and prostitutes e outros devassos muito lassos com os abraços, even prior to DEMOKRITUS DE ABDERA OU OUTRO DA GAMA Montaigne, pointed out that the newborn infant is old enough to die....E ÀS VEZES MORRE ATÉ ANTES DE NASCER ...OU DURANTE ESTRANGULADO PELA CORDA VITAL....UMBILICAL ....OU OS HOI POLLOI DE SIRACUSA PORQUE NOS MATAM ...PORQUE PODEMOS .... There is in the most confident metaphysical NOT PHYSICAL construct, in the most affirmative work of art a memento mori MUITO GOSTA ESTE GAJO DE LAMBER AS LÍNGUAS MORTAS, a labour, implicit or explicit, to hold at bay the seepage of fatal time, of entropy ......VÁ LÁ METEU TERMODINÂMICA SÓ QUE OS SERES VIVOS CONTRARIAM A ENTROPIA VIA COMPARTIMENTAÇÃO DOS PROCESSOS into each and every living form. It is from this wrestling match...OF WORDS that philosophic discourse and the generation of art derive their informing stress LIKE A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS , the unresolved tautness of which logic and beauty are formal modes...PEDANTISMO PIROSO NÉ . The cry 'the great god Pan is dead' haunts even those societies with which we associate, perhaps too conventionally, the gusto of optimism.....TERROR PÂNICO OU PANICUS ...

Nevertheless, there is, I think, in the climate? of spirit at the end of the twentieth OR XIX OR III OR IV B.C. century, a core-tiredness. The inward chronometry, the contracts with time which so largely determine our consciousness, point to late afternoon in ways that are ontological - this is to say, of the essence, of the fabric of being. We are, or feel ourselves to be, latecomers. The dishes are being cleared. 'Time, ladies and gents, time.' Such apprehension is the more compelling because it runs counter to the fact that, in the developed economies, individual life spans and expectancies are increasing. Yet the shadows lengthen. We seem to bend earthward and towards night as do plants.

A thirst for explanation, for causality, inhabits our nature. We do want to know: why? What conceivable hypothesis can elucidate a phenomenology, a structure of felt experience, as diffuse, as manifold in its expressions, as that of 'terminality'? Are such questions worth asking seriously, or do they merely invite vacuous high gossip? I am not certain.

Inhumanity is, so far as we have historical evidence, perennial. There have been no utopias, no communities of justice or forgiveness. Our current alarms THE FEAR SELLS - at the violence in our streets, at the famines in the so-called Third World, at regressions into barbaric ethnic conflicts LIKE VIETNAME AND NICARAGUA UND SO WEITER IRAK I RUN , at the possibility of pandemic disease THAT NEVER KILLS ALL THE CONSUMERS OF THE MEDICINAL CORNUCOPIA VON PHARMOCOPEIA - must be seen against the background of an exceptional moment. Roughly from the time of Waterloo .....TIRANDO 1848 E 1870 E 1871 E NA ITÁLIA DE 1815 A 1866 ...MAIS COISA MENOS COISA to that of the massacres on the western front in 1915-16, SOME European RULE BRITANNIA..... bourgeoisie experienced a privileged season DURING ALL CRIMEAN WARS , an armistice with history WITH CIVIL UND UNCIVIL WARS ALL AROUND CUM ABRILADAS DE TUTTI TYPO SAHIB E GUERRAS DE SUCESSÃO E RARAMENTE DE SECESSÃO AO ESTILO BALCÂNICO ....LIBERTEM A VALÁQUIA Ó INFIÉIS DÁ PRÓS DOIS LADOS .... Underwritten by the exploitation of industrial labour at home and colonial rule abroad, Europeans knew a century of progress....OF HIGH CARBON CONTENT IN THE WINTER OF SULPHURIC COAL of liberal dispensations, of reasonable hope. It is in the afterglow, no doubt idealized, of this exceptional calendar - note the constant comparison of the years prior to August 1914 with a 'long summer' WITH WHITE NIGHTS IN 1907 AND A SMALL DEFEAT IN RUSSIAN TIMES BY THE MIKADO ....AND COMMUNARDS AND SEVERAL REBELIONS SINCE THE PETERLOO MASSACRE ... - that SOME suffer OR Your present discomforts.

: for the whole of Europe and Russia, this century WITH ONLY 80 YEARS became a time out of hell..... VIVIA-SE MELHOR E MORRIA-SE MENOS NO SÉCULO XV QUE TINHA MENOS PESSOAL A ATRAVANCÁ-LO Historians estimate at more than seventy million the number of men, women and children AND OLD FARTS done to death by THE FOUR HORSEMEN OR NORSEMEN



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